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Asian lines: Don't cheat yourself at bet365

Posted 07/04/2014 12:09 by asger 0

With bet365 you have two different odds for many of the same outcomes. Despite the outcomes being exactly the same, there’s often a big difference between the two odds.

The example below shows that you will usually find the best odds on the ‘Asian Handicap’ market. If you take Liverpool to win on the 1X2 market you will only get odds 1.83, while Liverpool -0.5 on the ‘Asian Handicap’ market is 1.925. Exactly the same outcome but almost 100€ more to be won if you bet 1000€ on Liverpool to win!

Remember to ALWAYS check the Asian lines before placing your bets!

Bet on a winner

If you want to bet on a specific team to win, you should always check both the ‘1X2’ odds and the ‘Asian Handicap’ odds. However, this can be confusing if you are new to the ‘Asian Handicap’ market.

Win: Asian handicap -0.5
Double change: Asian handicap +0.5
Win by at least two goals: Asian handicap -1.5
Win by at least three goals: Asian handicap -2.5

De round numbers (ie Liverpool -1) will always return your stake if the selected team wins by the exact number of goals mentioned. So if you bet ‘Liverpool -1’ on the ‘Asian Handicap’, Liverpool must win by two goals for your bet to win, while your stake will be refunded if Liverpool wins by exactly one goal.

The Asian lines between the half and full numbers are a combination of the two. If you bet on ‘Liverpool -1.25’ this means that you have 50% of your stake on ‘Liverpool -1.5’ and 50% on ‘Liverpool -1’.

Total number of goals

When betting on over/under the outcomes have exactly same names. ‘Over 2.5’ is ‘Over 2.5’ in both the ‘Total number of goals’ market and ‘Asian goals’ market, but here you will also find different odds on the same outcomes.

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