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Pro Betting Tools

      €1 / month Precise stakes
Add your picks with precise stakes (1-100).
      €5 / month Bookmaker customization
Choose exactly which bookmakers you want to compare odds from.
      €5 / month Custom picks
Add picks on past and future events, with any odds market and any stake. (Not included in contests)
      €10 / month Bookie scout
See the market leading odds from each bookmaker. Hit your bookie where it hurts the most!
      €10 / month Hide your picks
Get the option of hiding certain picks from the community. Picks will be visible to others after the game.
      €20 / month Surebets
See list of current surebets. Bet on all possible outcomes for guaranteed profits every time!
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Professional Betting Tools
We’re always working on new features for the community, but we only charge for the tools which shouldn’t be available to everyone.

If you need a specific betting tool, we might be able to create it for you. Even if this betting tool doesn’t exist anywhere else on the internet. E-mail requests to