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The beauty of Advancebet explained

Posted 25/10/2016 16:59 by asger 0

Do you sometimes find your low betting balance preventing you from taking a good bet? If you have pending bets you can bet even if your balance is in 0,- as you’ll be using the possible winnings from your pending bets.

This feature is available with 1xBET – a highly recommended bookmaker with more and better odds than any other bookie in the industry. 1xBET live-stream all the matches from all the top tournament, even the Champions League and Premier League!

How much can I bet with Advancebet?
The amount of the available Advancebet can be viewed on your Bet Slip with a click on the “Find out” button.

On which types of event can I use my Advancebet?
Advancebets can bet placed on any bet within 48 hours.

It’s a really simple and handy addition to the standard Cash-in feature, where you can cash-in any bet during the game, with a smaller return of course. There’s no way to exploit this Advancebet feature, for instance deposits made after using an Advancebet can’t be used for covering the Advancebets.

Let’s take an example…

Your account balance is €260. You have made the following bets:

  • €100 at odds of 1.5 (potential return: €150)
  • €150 at odds of 2 (potential return: €300)

Now your available balance is €10.

Your possible Advancebet is €100, so you can now bet up to €110.

You place a €30 bet with the €10 in your balance and €20 of the Advancebet amount at odds of 1.5. Potential returns: €45. You also place a bet with a stake of €50 (all from your Advancebet balance) at odds of 2. Potential returns: €100.

Outcome 1: Original bets lose – Advancebets wins

The original pending bets made using your own account balance have been lost. Bets made using the Advancebet amount have won. Bets using the Advancebet amount will be deemed void, since there are no winnings to cover the Advancebet stakes. Your own funds of €10 that were part of your Advancebet stake will be refunded to your account, since the entire Advancebet is cancelled.

Outcome 2: Original bets win – Advancebets lose

Original bets won. Bets made using the Advancebet amount lost. The payout is (150+300)=€450.
€50 and €20 was used as Advancebets (plus €10 of your own funds). The amount of the Advancebets is deducted from the payout of the original bets (150+300)-50-20 =€380. €380 will be credited to your 1xBET account.

Outcome 3: All bets lost

Original bets and Advancebets are all lost. The €10 made using own funds are also lost in this case.

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